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Web designing

We offer a number of web design solutions like:

Static websites
These websites are ideal for small & medium sized companies which does not require frequent or urgent changes on their websites, hence would need a contact us for any modifications in their websites. Simple look, User Friendly, faster download Cost effective, suitable for small business houses.

Dynamic Websites
We believe it is important that your website goes to work for you. This means we encourage Dynamic Applications and we can provide many suggestions and solutions for adding functionality and useful site tools. These websites are ideal for companies offering products or services that may change with time. On dynamic websites the information can be easily updated by the site administrator without any technical expertise. These are also called database driven websites. Dynamic looks, better functionality & based on advanced technology. Whether user search capabilities, content management, listing databases, article and news management, ecommerce solutions, or any other type of dynamic feature you can image - we can help. We can also make it simple for you to control the power of your website and not feel forever tied to your website developer.

Design and layout
Your website will be central to your marketing communications and must adequately communicate your image and promote your brand. Whether you have existing company branding or are looking to develop or refine your brand, we can provide professional advice, logo development, creative graphic design, and graphics support for any of your other print media.

Content Management
The real advantage of print communication is that we can take the time to carefully consider the messages you want to communicate, we can determine the style of delivery, and we can highlight the most important points – and we can then deliver the messages repeatedly and consistently.

Flash Designing
If you are a regular net surfer, you would have seen moving objects and flashing text highlighting selling points on many websites these days. These are either used in full or part of the website is a flash work. Flash Web Design, makes the visitor move through a movie style animation which explains the message visually, they are bit heavy in size but they have a very great effectiveness. We can display several information in less space with more impact.

Dynamic Website Applications
Every page of the website, every heading, link, graphic and text portion of the contents can be accessed and edited through password protected back office area. Using this dynamic website application, even our non-technical person can also control the content of the site, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

Our overall philosophy is that we want the client to have control of the site content and site dynamic features using intuitive administration tools.

We strongly encourage clients to consider Dynamic Website Applications to extend website functionality for both you and your customers. Full online applications are more advanced than dynamic site elements. This type of website requires considerably more technical expertise to develop and the application becomes a major component of the website. Online applications completely control the display of content and database information based on user interactions.

Dynamic Features
We are very open to discuss what can be used and what needs to be developed. For standard dynamic features we are pleased to recommend dynamic solutions that also cut costs. All of our dynamic features are controlled by the client through back-office areas with password protected. Some of the dynamic features can be incorporated as add-ons. These are considered ‘light’ applications and are becoming more common in many websites.

Quality Assurance
Throughout the website development process, from conceptual design to testing and launching, we will keep our clients well informed. We rely on communication and customer satisfaction as being most critical to our own success.

We build flexibility and user friendly features into all of our dynamic sites. We make it simple for you to access password protected administration areas and retain control over the content of your site and the data you are managing.

Functional implementation
Early on in the process we provide clients with clear graphic representations of designs, templates, storyboards, and models to demonstrate and refine site design and functionality. Through production we work in a live testing environment so that the client can review progress and that ensures your satisfaction.