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Power of Information
In today’s world, information assumes an important role in day to day life. Availability of right information at right time generates amazing results in any work. No doubt, the speed of achievements is directly related to the quick availability of information system. That’s why information technology make head ways in modern world. And the people who endorse the significance of IT create success and retain it. Welcome” IT or perish” that’s the order of the day.

Why School Information System
As far as a school is concerned availability of reliable information plays a crucial role in the growth of that institution. An efficient information system is a boon for students, parents, principal, teachers and management. Proper flow of information about his/her overall performance helps the student improve himself. That means parent can have a clear idea about the studies of his “ward”, while principal and management will get better information about overall performance of the school. They can explore any area of activity for the good of school. When it comes to class teacher, he/she will be able to assess the performance of students from different perspectives. In short, this system is evaluation oriented. All areas of students/ teacher activity can be effectively evaluated. And each evaluation will provide an opportunity to improve. This information help the school analyze a student and equip him for better academic performance.

Main Modules and Advantages
The profile displays a detailed picture of students’ personal data. Entry to this link is designed in two ways. A particular student and his parents can access their own personal details, but management and school secretary have options to see any profile. Everybody can create their own password for security purposes.

Attendance Report
This module offers daily and monthly reports. Each student and his/her parents are allowed access their own reports. However, principal, teachers and management are able to watch the attendance details of any students. When it comes to class teacher, the freedom to know attendance information is limited to the students of his/her class.
The attendance report module is a better tool to evaluate the punctuality of a student. If he/she is weak in that area, improvement is easy. This information helps the class teacher and management to maintain the general discipline of the institution.

Progress Report
This module fulfills the basic aim of education. “The progress of a person” Progress report module focuses on three areas of performance.
1. Scholastic subjects (main subjects like English, Hindi, Math’s, Science etc.)
2. Co scholastic subjects (Arabic, Islamic, Computer science and second languages)
3. Non scholastic (Art, music, dance etc.)

For a student and parent, the module opens opportunity to evaluate his/her performance. It also enables them to compare their position with the highest performers in a particular division and class.

When it comes to class teacher, the module helps them evaluate and improve the performance of his/her class. For management and principal this is an effective tool to measure the progress of school in different areas of activity. The scientifically developed grading /evaluation system will ensure the purpose of its generation.

Health Status
It’s very personal. And it’s very useful to track the physical details of a student. Year wise health status is another highlight of this module. So an effective comparison of health status is also possible.

Performance Report
A micro level evaluation is the purpose of this module. The evaluation system is based on two levels - Monthly and Term based performance. Details of class tests, terminal exams are available at the click of a mouse. Hence it gives more opportunity to evaluate, compare and improve. For parents and students, the system is a tool for personal improvement. In school management’s point of view, this information system facilitates the healthy growth of the institution and properly tracked The Student’s Academic Performance.

Class Report
Class test and class performance are the two core areas of this module. In class test segment, information is furnished on the basis of maximum marks, scores obtained, grades etc., Student/ Class teacher/ School secretary / Principal and management are able to access this report. The availability of micro level information on performance has multifaceted advantages. It’s an indication to a student about his performance. And for management and teachers it’s a golden opportunity to improve the performance of a student in particular and the school in general. Also principle will be able to asses or evaluate the subject wise performance of teachers in different divisions of a class. This activity will result in the improvement of teacher’s performance.

To give an assignment, teacher has to put the details of assignment in this module. Templates are designed in such a way to assist students in doing home works/projects in an effective way.

Time Table & Exam Schedules
This part of system provides detailed information on all tests and exam schedules with timetable. It ensures the availability of information to all persons concerned.

News Letters
It’s a common platform of communication. Teachers, students and parents can gather information from school secretary’s message regarding various aspects of school activities. Then the possibility of communication gap is ruled out.

Principal’s Desk
This is an exclusive channel of communication from principal. Using this option principal can address all persons related to the school.

Confidential Report & Irregularity Report
Basically this is a parent teacher communication system. Irregularity reports reach the concerned parent only from the principal. These options empower the school authorities to handle problem makers and maintain school discipline properly.

Evaluation Report
It integrates reports on attendance, progress, and class test and class performance. And it gives the data in the form of graphical representation. Availability of this information set the stage for micro level evaluation and comparison of student’s performance from different angles. Hence, students can design new methods of studies to achieve more. And this report helps the school to evaluate and improve their performance.

Comparison Report
This is the most important and powerful tool of student information system. Using this module, the school authorities can track and evaluate the performance of a student in different classes. And it helps the school ensure the improvement of every student’s academic performance.

Added advantages of CMM Technologies Pvt. Ltd
School Website
CMM Technologies Pvt. Ltd information system leads you to a complete IT era. To materialize this concept, we will design an exclusive website for the school where CMM Technologies Pvt. Ltd Students Information and Evaluation System is being implemented. Besides the conventional links, this website unveils an innovative line of features that provides information, communication, avenues etc.

Admission System
As the name indicates, this software diffuses the complexities of admissions. Basically, it’s designed for data management. Information related to new admission is stored in a professional way hence school authorities can monitor growth of admissions every year.
Admission system offers an effective solution to the class promotion planning every year. It helps the school authorities to configure the student strength of every class by striking a healthy balance of brilliant and average students.

Time Table Management
A perfectly planned time table avoids many hassles in school management. Our professionals will conceive a better time table system that enables the school authorities to bank on talents and capabilities of students. And the system develops solutions to problems occurs at the instance of emergency meeting of teachers of a particular subjects. Allotment of classes when some teachers are on leave is another attraction of this system.

Vehicle Report
Usually transportation of students – to and from – is a serious affair. A lapse in this system will badly affect the reputation of school. Our vehicle report system displays the detailed data of vehicles, students on board, route, timings, mobile number of drivers and attendant. So school authorities will be able to get the details of the students in a particular bus.